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School Meals

Nurture Breakfast 

The aim of Nurture Breakfast is to support students to have a positive start to their day. It is a time where child-to-child and child-to-adult relationships are positively fostered and reinforced. We provide a healthy and well-balanced meal, which class groups prepare and enjoy together. This is a time to prepare students mentally and emotionally for the day ahead and can include: 

  • Reinforcement of micro-routines 
  • Reinforcement of class values through the preparation and sharing of a meal 
  • Preparation for transitions using visual timetables 
  • Brain games, quizzes 
  • Circle time, news round, topical discussion 
  • Target setting discussions 
  • Celebrating successes 

For the vast majority of students at Elements Academy, the Nurture Breakfast will take place within the classroom. However, some KS4 students will have an opportunity to eat their breakfast with their peers in the heart of the school. This area has been specially created for older members of the school community. However, the principles outlined above will remain the same. 


There will be a number of places where students will be able to eat at lunchtime. 

  • The main dining area  
  • Within students’ classrooms where staff are present to support 
  • Within the heart of the school (KS4 area) 

We encourage students to eat together ‘family style’. This means that children will sit at a table with a member of staff. Research has shown that this style of eating improves communication, develops fine motor skills, and develops confidence and independence.  

Food on Offer 


Lunch Time Food 

Students will be able to order a hot lunch in school. Menus will be provided in advance and will include a vegetarian option. With a wide variety of foods provided, Elements Academy is able to cater for a range of different tastes. The catering team can cater for children with prescribed medical diets, formally diagnosed food allergies as well as cultural diets.  

Staying Hydrated 

There will be places for students to fill up a water bottle throughout the school day.  

Packed Lunches 

A student can attend school with a healthy packed lunch brought from home.  

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