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Our Curriculum

At Elements Academy, the curriculum is delivered using a variety of student need-specific approaches and strategies, with a balanced mix of ‘process based’ (a more holistic and immersive approach) and ‘skills based’ (highly structured) teaching to meet students’ individual needs and learning styles. Relational and therapeutic approaches will support students to access the whole curriculum.

The bespoke, personalised curriculum will offer a range of accredited qualifications, as well as wider educational and social experiences. These experiences will address the learning, social, emotional and mental health needs of our students and, as they progress towards adult life, will help them to make a positive contribution to their community.

Students with SEMH do not necessarily follow a typical learning or developmental trajectory and so our curriculum provides a framework that supports learning for those who learn in different ways.  Our students have a range of learning needs; some require a high level of adult support to access the curriculum. A personalised curriculum is delivered within each Key Stage, reflecting a whole academy ethos of nurture, empathy, support and understanding. All students have appropriate access to learning within the National Curriculum.

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Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

The curriculum is divided into seven sections called Building Blocks that cover EYFS/KS1 to KS4.

Curriculum Foundations Building Block 1 Building Block 2 Building Block 3 Building Block 4 Building Block 5 Building Block 6
Year Equivalent EYFS/KS1 (2 years) Lower KS2 (3 years) Upper KS2 (2 years) KS3 (3 years) KS3 (3 years) Bridging year KS4 (2 years)


Within each of these blocks staff create long term plans that include:

  1. Content covered
  2. Skills developed
  3. Areas of personal development that are addressed

This curriculum design, enables all staff to have an overview of what is studied, the skills acquired and the personal development topics that are covered. This long term planning ensures that the curriculum demonstrates and delivers continuous development for all students that study at Elements Academy.

Planning the curriculum in this way supports staff to make the curriculum bespoke to each group of students that they teach. For example, a KS2 class may require the personal development topics of a foundations group or a KS3 class may have key learning skills missing and therefore the teacher would deliver the curriculum from building block 2. All teachers will record topics within the building block have been studied for each student. This will then inform planning throughout the student’s time at Elements Academy.

Sections of the curriculum from foundations to building block 5 can be used at any time and are interchangeable. Personal development and careers also run through the curriculum as do key ‘work-place ready’ skills. These key skills are mapped throughout the curriculum and are colour coded for easy reference. Building Block 6 is divided into two years and the main focus is upon studying for qualifications at all levels. We are aspirational and all children should leave Elements Academy with the qualifications and skills needed to be successful in the next stage of their lives.

We aim to deliver education that focuses upon stage not age and content is truly bespoke and meets the needs of all students throughout their time at Elements Academy.

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