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Our aim  is that our  pupils feel confident and competent  in their mathematical skills to apply to daily life now and in the future. All pupils at Elements participate in daily maths lessons, these structured sessions can vary dependant on the needs of the pupil whether this is  classroom based or through hands on practical activities to engage all pupils. Our daily sessions give students the given opportunities to develop their skills. Engaging starter and activities help students to recall the key concepts of prior learning, as well as giving children a chance to practice key mathematical skills/vocabulary  that children need in everyday life. Children are encouraged to recognise the purpose and use of each mathematical skill within real life and how they can use these skills outside of the classroom. Pupils are also given the chance to challenge and stretch themselves.

Mathematics is embedded as part of everyday practise throughout our schools. Children are encouraged to use maths in all ‘real life’ opportunities such as using measurements in food technology and time in PE.


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