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All pupils are assessed using Ruth Miskin programme: Read, Write Inc on admission. Once pupils have been assessed they are allocated to the appropriate  group or on a 1:1 basis access the Fast Track Tutoring programme . Fast Track Tutoring is one part of the full programme and is designed to accelerate children’s reading progress through the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. It breaks down the phonics and reading strands of Read Write Inc. phonics into smaller steps to accelerate children’s reading progress. It provides intensive, targeted support to address specific gaps in a child’s reading.


Here at elements, we strive for our pupils to be:

  • competent decoders – The child has the ability to use their secure phonic knowledge to segment and blend sounds in order to decode words in a text
  • confident comprehenders- The child is confident in their ability to read and understand what they are reading. When questioned, they can explain what they have read.
  • creative inferers- The child is able to think creatively as they read and find the hidden meanings, alternative interpretations and subtle nuances within written texts.
  • critical receivers- The child is able to question and investigate what they read. Their mind is curious and probing, especially when faced with subjective or opinion-based texts.

Reading is embedded throughout the curriculum ensuring that appropriate texts are selected for individual needs and incidental opportunities for reading are planned for our most reluctant readers. Each class has a dedicated story time everyday where a story will be shared by either the pupils or member of staff. This book will be related to the current topic to capture the interest of the children. A love for reading is promoted daily through our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) sessions which encourages pupils and staff to read together, library visits, book of the term and whole school celebrations such as World Book Day.

  • Oracy:

Oracy is a crucial skill for our pupils- both in school and apart of the wider community. Oracy is not taught as a discrete subject but it is part of our school culture, weaving through our whole school curriculum. Through teacher modelling and built in opportunities to practise, children become able to express themselves effectively and confidently and listen to others with understanding. Opportunities for oracy are embedded into everyday life within the classroom from nurture breakfast to circle time.

  • Writing:

Writing is a vital transferable skill for our pupils both now and in the future. We understand that pupils arrive to us with different levels of ability in relation to writing. Our aim is to encourage pupils to write and become more confident within their written skills such as transcription, handwriting and spelling. Children have access to daily handwriting activities to improve letter formation and spelling. Writing is taught explicitly in English lessons, using writing for a different range of purpose whilst practising key skills. Opportunities for writing are used across the curriculum to practice and embed their skills.


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